Featured Books

Selling with Noble Purpose
by Lisa McLeod
October 2013

Lisa McLeod shows executives, managers, and aspiring sales people that being guided by a Noble Sales Purpose instead of simply being quota-driven actually garners more success. If a salesperson takes the time to truly understand their customer, in return their sales numbers will increase. McLeod uses both true stories from the field as well as hard data to show this.

9 1/2 Principles of Innovative Service
by Chip Bell
August 2013

This book is your instruction manual and inspirational guide to making service an experience that causes your customers to swoon, smile, and sing your praises. It is your sparkplug for bringing energy and igniting your customers’ experiences.

Take Charge of Your Talent
by Don Maruska and Jay Perry
Sept 2013

This book walks you through the process of discovering and developing your talents and abilities so that you can apply them in your workplace. In doing so you will not only enjoy your job more and have greater productivity, you will also encourage others to do the same.

Heart of Leadership
by Mark Miller
Oct 7, 2013

This short, easy-to-read fable reveals the five habits that underlie leadership character and that determine leaders’ success – and teaches leaders how to develop these habits. The good news for all of us: leadership is not just the purview of the few – it is within reach for millions of aspiring leaders around the world. Heart of Leadership is the road map they need to get their lives and careers on track.

Three Stories Leaders Tell
by Christine Cavanaugh-Simmons
June 2013

Three Stories Leaders Tell covers the "Who am I?," "Who are we?," and "Where are we going?" narratives, and is designed to give leaders practical methods for using stories to lead. Whether you are a leadership and organizational development professional or an executive coach, you will find this guide to be an easy-to-follow resource for one-on-one or group leadership development efforts.

The Collaboration Economy
by Eric Lowitt
April 22, 2013

No longer can we consume the equivalent of 1/3 of the Earths resources and expect to remain prosperous in perpetuity. We need a new economic paradigm, one that yields growth in a way that strengthens the global systems we rely on daily for survival, such as the global water, food, and energy systems. The Collaboration Economy provides easy to use frameworks and tools to enable leaders of industry, of government, and of society to lead the effort to align growth with sustainable development.

Leaders Open Doors
by Bill Treasurer
March 7, 2013

Leadership is the most overanalyzed, thoroughly dissected, and utterly confused topic in business. In Leaders Open Doors, author Bill Treasurer helps lighten the leadership load by distilling that leaders are simply creators of opportunity for others. Using personal stories and anecdotes, Treasurer presents the idea of open-door leadership–that is, the responsibility that leaders have for noticing, identifying, and creating opportunities for the benefit of people, organizations, and society.

by Peter Block
May 20, 2013

Stewardship was a provocative, even revolutionary, book when first published in 1993, and it remains as relevant and radical today as it was then.  Completely revised and updated, Stewardship, Second Edition includes a new introduction addressing changes in the twenty years since the book was published, and a new chapter on applying stewardship to the common good of the wider community. 

12 Minutes to Change Your Day
by Becky Robinson
March 2013

Are you ready for a new perspective about time? For all our anxiety about, or enjoyment of, time, we each have the same amount of time each day. We can’t stop it, or find more, but we can change the way we use our time and the way we look at time. Start your 12 Minute Journey by downloading 12 Minutes to Change Your Day by Becky Robinson.

Managers as Mentors
by Chip R. Bell and Marshall Goldsmith
June 3, 2013

According to consultant and trainer Chip R. Bell, mentoring is a highly synergistic, two-way performance that, when properly engaged, takes on the synchronized qualities of a well-executed dance. In Managers As Mentors: Building Partnerships for Learning, he explains what mentoring is (and is not) and provides a way for readers to assess their own attributes for the practice.